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Victoria Matesky

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Victoria Matesky

Wellness Coach

As a certified relationship coach & Co-Founder of Tea For Two, a Trained Leader in the 7 Principles that Make Marriage Work by the world-renowned Gottman Institute, and with over 12 years as a female entrepreneur as an established and nationally featured photographer, I have used my life skills to facilitate hundreds of presentations; both to small and large groups, interactive sessions with families and married couples from all walks of life.

I have been featured on British Muslim TV and BBC Radio. I have served in a multitude of positions within the educational and non-profit and charity realms, including teacher, coach, homeschool educator, team leader, project manager, and facilitator. A Midwest American born Muslim Revert, I am passionate about the creative process of creating retreats, MasterClasses, and coaching where my talents and passions intersect with my faith for the good of others.

I truly have a holistic approach to life, love, and business! This has led me to implement creative techniques for the often-challenging life many of us face, using 'outside the box thinking'. With over 30 years as a mother and 8 as a grandmother, I truly understand the complexities and beauty life can hand us in a unique way.

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