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Shaista Dharamsi

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Shaista Dharamsi

Wellness Coach

Dedicated and highly motivated professional with two years of experience as a Health Coach Consultant, evaluating and improving client’s health and wellness. I partner with individuals who are overwhelmed, and help them create a holistic lifestyle that focuses on healthy habits of nutrition, fitness and well being.

Proven to be an optimistic, good conflict resolution and effective. Exhibit excellent teamwork skills and leadership qualities. Responsible for creating personalized health care plans tailored to the client’s needs.

Alongside with being a health coach professional, I am an experienced Executive Administrator with over 10 years of experience and 5 years as an Events Coordinator. Proven track record of setting-up and executing events and functions within assigned budget. Strong organizational and communication skills with the ability to concurrently direct multiple business affairs. A multitude of versatile skills transfer into any administrative and/or management setting to create and maintain high levels of efficiency and productivity.

Key strengths include;

Certified Health Coach: training in coaching fitness and nutrition, excellent organizational skills, passion for health and wellness.

Executive Administrator and Event Coordinator: capability of meeting and exceeding targets, an aptitude for connecting with stakeholders and the ability to negotiate and secure contracts.

Certified Health Coach from ACE Fitness. Bachelors of Science (Hons) in Health Studies and Psychology at the University of Toronto.

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