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Ryana Yusoff

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Ryana Yusoff

Wellness Coach

It is my deep belief that everyone deserves to be heard, feel safe and realise just how powerful they are.

For decades we have been conditioned to show only "positive" emotions whilst suppressing the uncomfortable ones deemed by society. Not experiencing the complete human experience leads to emotional and mental health challenges. Having had a major broke down due to the above reasons 9 years ago, the importance of vulnerability and living authentically became a great focus in my work in order to have a fulfilling life.

As a transformation and wellbeing coach based in Singapore, I’ve had the privilege of working with clients around the world From individual ambitious adults to big corporate clients.

Alongside my work in coaching, I’m trained as a hypnotherapist and integrate mindfulness practices, NLP, yogic principles, meditation classes, energy balancing and sound healing into my practice to provide a holistic approach. We are all unique and I work with approaches that resonate the best to the nature and character of my individual clients.

As a coach, I approach my clients as a ‘whole’. Not just as a person going through a period of grief or intense stress or struggle – but as a human being first. My ability to open up about my own vulnerability gives people the safe space and trust to open up and identify their defining past experiences, limiting beliefs and find a positive and powerful way forward.

Alongside working with individuals of all backgrounds to remove blockages, heal from trauma and level up, I have a special interest in executive coaching and have been engaged by global organisations as a performance coach. Both in Singapore and abroad, I work with high-performing individuals and professionals in leadership roles to tap more into our inherent power and authenticity. I’m passionate about workplace wellbeing, coaching groups in ways to be mindful to maintain balance, manage stress and avoid burnout.

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