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Ricky John Goyeneche

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Ricky John Goyeneche

Wellness Coach

Ricky John Goyeneche is a dedicated Brain Health Trainer and Coach with a strong passion for transforming lives through training. Having overcome his own struggles with clinical anxiety and depression from 2010 to 2018, Ricky embarked on a profound transformative journey. Starting with retreats in 2015, he expanded his knowledge and honed his skills through international certification courses, becoming a well-rounded trainer and coach.

Since 2016, Ricky has been actively involved in training national and international companies, government agencies, and universities in the Philippines. Notably, during the challenging times of the pandemic, he generously provided free coaching to support individuals in overcoming their unique challenges.

Ricky's commitment to continuous improvement led him to complete Dr. Amen's Certified Brain Health Trainers Course, making him the first Brain Health Trainer and Coach in Asia. His training programs stand out as he skillfully integrates neuroscience principles, creating transformative experiences for his clients.

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