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Michael Fekry

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Michael Fekry

Wellness Coach

Michael Fekry is a dynamic and accomplished professional with over 13 years of experience in business and project management within the construction and real estate sectors. His multifaceted background encompasses expertise in construction operations, cost control, procurement, and commercial development. As a seasoned leader, Michael thrives in creating a positive work atmosphere that promotes passion, flow, and optimal performance.

Currently serving as the Commercial Development Section Manager at Mountain View for real Estate, Michael is adept at managing complex projects and teams. He excels in budget forecasting, financial modeling, procurement management, and project P&L maintenance. His dedication to team development is evident in his implementation of comprehensive training and development plans.

During his tenure as a Commercial Contract Manager, Michael achieved remarkable outcomes, including a 35% reduction in budget and a 25% increase in revenue targets. He introduced efficient procurement processes, established supplier databases, and applied value engineering techniques to ensure project success.

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