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Mehreen Ovais

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Mehreen Ovais

Wellness Coach

Meet Mehreen Ovais, an ICF Accredited "Mindset & Emotions" Coach, driving success through Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset. With over 500 coaching hours and a client profile spanning 15+ nationalities, Mehreen has gained global experience across Africa, Europe, Middle East, Americas, Asia, and Australia.

Her journey as a certified Wellness Coach has been shaped by her passion for empowering individuals to overcome non-serving negative emotions like stress, anxiety, and fear. Mehreen helps her clients remove internal interferences that hinder performance and growth, enabling them to discover confidence and purpose.

As an expert in Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset, Mehreen equips individuals with the tools to improve their work, life, and relationships. Her coaching approach centers on building resilience, emotional awareness, and fostering a mindset of continuous growth and self-belief.

With a strong foundation of accreditation from the International Coaching Federation and Goleman Institute, Mehreen's coaching expertise is highly sought after. Her client base spans diverse cultures and backgrounds, reflecting her ability to connect with people from various walks of life.

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