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Marriam Ahmed

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Marriam Ahmed

Wellness Coach

Marriam Ahmed is a transformative Mindset and Business Coach who specializes in rewiring the brain for success and happiness. With a deep passion for empowering individuals to overcome mental blocks and achieve their full potential, Marriam's coaching approach combines cutting-edge techniques such as Timeline Therapy and NLP Master Practitioner methodologies.

Throughout her journey, Marriam has been a dedicated advocate for personal growth and self-discovery. Her commitment to fostering an inclusive and friendly environment for people to learn, connect, and thrive has led her to traverse the world, engage in powerful discussions, and build meaningful connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Marriam's career trajectory has been marked by her pursuit of understanding the triggers of human behavior and organizational culture. Holding degrees in IT, Finance, and Management, she has embraced a holistic approach to coaching that encompasses both personal and professional development. Her mission is to guide individuals towards creating the lives they envision, helping them unlock their true potential and experience a profound sense of accomplishment and pride.

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