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Madhurima Sappatti

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Madhurima Sappatti

Wellness Coach

Madhurima Sappatti is a dedicated stress and burnout coach with a strong commitment to supporting individuals in managing stress, preventing burnout, and achieving their full potential. With a background in coaching and a passion for promoting well-being, Madhurima has partnered with organizations such as G2i Inc. to provide developers with a safe space to address stress and burnout issues. Through her coaching, she collaborates with individuals to create unique solutions that help them navigate challenges and foster resilience.

In addition to her coaching endeavors, Madhurima is also the host of a podcast where she shares valuable insights and discussions related to stress management, burnout prevention, and personal growth. With her empathetic and compassionate approach, she seeks to empower her audience with practical tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and lead more balanced, fulfilling lives.

Madhurima's coaching philosophy centers around the importance of mindset, self-care, and effective communication. By combining reflective and active listening skills with her background in wellness coaching and transformational life coaching, she strives to make a positive impact on the well-being and success of those she works with.

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