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Julie Samuel

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Julie Samuel

Wellness Coach

Julie is a career coach focusing on helping professional managers and leaders develop healthy workplace relationships and team dynamics. She also works with mid-career switchers on what they need to consider when considering the switch. She enjoys seeing possibilities and a-ha moments unfold with her clients as they explore professional and even life issues together.

Having worked for more than 25 years in the marketing communications profession across industries, types of organisations and economic situations, Julie is able to understand and empathise with her clients on the challenges they face. Having worked in and managed teams, Julie knows the benefits of understanding team roles, leveraging on the strengths of team members and the importance of helping teams understand and appreciate each other.

She is warm, approachable, authentic and professional and comes to a coaching session with a curious and non-judgmental mind.

Julie is a certified Advanced Behavioral Consultant & Career Coach with PeopleKeys and a certified Advanced Solution Focused Practitioner in Coaching with International Alliance of Solution Focused Teaching Institutes. She is also an International Coaching Federation credentialed coach.

Besides the coaching certifications mentioned, Julie holds an MBA in Strategic Marketing from the University of Hull, UK and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National University of Singapore.

Julie was raised in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and cosmopolitan Singapore watching Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Happy Days and the likes. She has travelled since a young age to North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Egypt, Rwanda, Middle East and many Asian countries.

Today, she's not too much of a TV and movie buff but still enjoys an animated movie or two in her free time. She has been actively engaged in community outreaches in Singapore and abroad over many years which she thoroughly enjoys and finds fulfilment in.

She also enjoys reading, having tea with friends and spending time with her mini-daschund, Mr Dober.

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