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Juan Campoo

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Juan Campoo

Wellness Coach

Juan Campoo is a well-known Conscious Leadership Consultant, specializing in transforming the mental and emotional well-being of leaders, founders, and professionals. With a focus on mindset, well-being, personal mastery, conscious leadership, and personal development, Juan is renowned in wellness coaching.

Based in Hilversum, Netherlands, Juan offers services like corporate training, executive coaching, leadership development, life coaching, public speaking, HR consulting, business consulting, and team building.

Through his transformative sessions, Juan empowers individuals to have authentic impact and sustainable inner peace. He emphasizes understanding human psychology and consciousness evolution for well-being and positive impact.

With over 2,070 followers, Juan shares inspiring stories of personal transformations, showcasing the power of conscious evolution. He challenges conventional notions, promoting intentions, awareness, and flexibility over rigid goals and plans.

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