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Jp Horgan

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Jp Horgan

Wellness Coach

JP Horgan, a visionary Human Transformation Coach and Empowerment Expert, is dedicated to helping individuals, coaches, and businesses break free from limitations and turn their dreams into tangible realities. With an unwavering commitment to personal growth and development, JP has established himself as a beacon of inspiration in the coaching community.

As the driving force behind The Next Steps Academy and a Certified Life Coach with over three and a half years of experience, JP has become a leading authority in guiding people towards discovering their magic mindset and cultivating empowering habits. With an innate ability to unveil deeply ingrained beliefs and foster transformative shifts in thinking, JP opens the door to a new reality where aspirations become attainable milestones.

JP's journey into coaching began with his profound passion for igniting positive change in others. Through The Next Steps Academy, he has created an environment where individuals can thrive, enhancing their leadership skills, public speaking prowess, and team cohesion. His arsenal of expertise encompasses a spectrum of services including life coaching, leadership development, public speaking, team building, training, writing, career development coaching, and business consulting.

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