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Dexter Jemuel Tay

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Dexter Jemuel Tay

Wellness Coach

Dexter is the founder of Fitness Index, a fitness education and consultancy company. He has been in the health & fitness industry for 17 years and is both an ICF-ACC Coach and also ICP-ACC (Agile Coach). Over the past few years, as an educator, he has taught and coached over 500 exercise & health professionals through the courses he has created and taught.

Dexter believes that 'motion creates emotion' and that 'exercise is medicine', hence his strong advocacy in exercise and wellness. In the recent FIT Summit, his presentation focused on the biopsychosocial aspect of training clients for the fitness industry. In the 2021 International Coaching Week, he was a panelist for a session organized by ICF Singapore - A Whole Person Approach towards Physical, Mental, Emotional Wellbeing & Supporting Sustainable Health Behaviour Change. Dexter shared passionately on how exercise professionals can do better by shifting their main focus and practice from Vanity to Sanity.

Always seeking to do better, Dexter is also a Wellcoaches certified Health & Wellbeing Coach and a certified Breakthrough Coach (taught by Marcia Reynolds). Dexter was recognized in 2 categories for the 2021 Fitness Best Asia Award, coming in 2nd Runner-Up for both 'Personal Trainer of The Year' and 'Group Exercise Leader of The Year'.

As a coach, he has worked with SportSG, ITE, CGH and other statutory boards. He holds all his clients in unconditional positive regard and having gone through very rough episodes in recent years, he has emerged with much more empathy and compassion for his clients.

With his experience and passion, Dexter seeks to build his legacy in bridging the healthcare and fitness industry, in an effort to continue raising awareness of both physical and mental well-being, making exercise more accessible and raising the standards of exercise and health professionals. More importantly, he wishes to play his part in building a better Singapore for his 4 young children.

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