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Vina Huang

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Vina Huang

Start-Up Coach

Self-motivated, relentless learner, results driven, flexible, resourceful and creative individual. Experience working in multi-cultural environments and for different industries developing a wide range of tasks. Always looking for new challenges and to help others (coaching sessions and volunteer in google workshops).

Strong leadership skills while possessing a team spirit and positive attitude. Openness and adaptation to new challenges.

I'm an entrepreneur, coach, trainer and consultant. I am an expert at taking high-achievers to the greatest levels of success and wellbeing.

I have worked in different countries and companies, I discovered that what makes me full of passion is to help companies and people who believe in creating positive change in the world, while building wealth and living a fulfilled life.

Furthermore, I invest a huge amount of my time, money and energy as part of my relentless professional and personal development. My mission is to help you become the person you most want to be!

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