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Vina, Wei Ni Huang

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Vina, Wei Ni Huang

Start-Up Coach

Vina Wei-Ni Huang is a distinguished coach and accomplished entrepreneur who has demonstrated exceptional prowess in various industries across eight countries. With an unyielding commitment to continuous learning and personal growth, Vina's career is a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence.

With a diverse background spanning diverse fields and cultures, Vina has honed her skills and cultivated a versatile and resourceful approach. She specializes in coaching, business development, and digital marketing, leveraging her extensive experience to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential.

As a dedicated advocate for positive change, wealth creation, and holistic well-being, Vina thrives in challenging environments where her strong leadership skills and unwavering optimism set her apart. Her international exposure has enriched her perspective, fueling her passion for assisting others on their journey towards success and fulfillment.

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