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Krishna Wadher

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Krishna Wadher

Start-Up Coach

I help mothers in generating passive income streams, regardless of whether they are working professionals/homemakers/single mothers/entrepreneurs, etc.

Are you afraid that you will lose all your money?

Are you fearful of making mistakes in managing your money?

Are you struggling to initiate conversations with your family to take the path toward your Financial Freedom?

I understand how difficult it is to know what works regarding wealth creation for Financial Freedom. I have helped companies and individuals across the globe to generate passive income, increase return on investments and develop a sustainable investment strategy.

Enhancing the financial well-being of mothers who have no prior training in the personal finance or holistic investing techniques. We provide our customers with an actionable plan.

I'm on a journey to redefine financial well-being.

My Mission is to provide 1 million mothers with the skills and resources they need to handle their personal finances and achieve financial independence by 2025. As a financial coach, I work with people by learning about their life plans, developing a money map that fits them, and coming up with and putting into practice their wealth strategies

In my consulting work, I have worked on financial wellness workshops around the world with companies such as HerMoneyTalks, IronLady, IEEE, Shiv Nadar University - Atal Incubation Centre

I have also trained individuals from companies such as Amazon Web Development, Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd, British High Commission etc in Investment Strategies and Wealth Creation.

So if you want to " Dream Big and Achieve Big" then let's work on your Wealth Targets.

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