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Harish Bangalore

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Harish Bangalore

Start-Up Coach

Harish approach to Coaching after being a successful senior leader is of curiosity, generative listening and work extensively on systemic way of coaching. He also uses Neuro linguistic Programming extensively in his coaching practice. His approach also comes from deep spiritual approach which was enhanced during his 10 day deep Vipassana meditation camp. Staying silent without talking, no reading, no mobile, no writing and meditation for 15 hours was a amazing experience and a deep reflection on life purpose.

Harish has over 3 decades of multicultural and cross geography experience in various senior leadership roles. He has extensive exposure working across domains, cross industry and sectors. In his multinational career with various Fortune 50 companies.

He during his tenure terms himself as a TURNAROUND specialist, his success stories is something you should ask him about. A few of them are as General Manager of Samsung, Zonal Manager in HP, Country Manager in HP to name a few.

Harish during his tenure has managed across India, Asia, Middle East, Turkey, Africa and Europe, he has been exposed to varying cultures, ethos and work values. He has established a winning team which was envy of entire world wide team.

Leading teams in senior and middle management roles spread across geographies in Europe, Middle East and CIS, He has developed, coached and built high performing teams, culturally enriched individuals, and identifying purpose and self-development for people.

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