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Bonny Morlak

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Bonny Morlak

Start-Up Coach

Hi, I am Bonny Morlak In 2008 I've had burn out and my startup failed. I wanted to be the best dad, husband and CEO and I failed at all three. It took me years to recover emotionally and financially but money can be replaced and health can be healed but broken relationships are gone forever. ​ Today I focus on relationships. The relationships with myself, with people I love and with my teams. I have since won a global startup competition against 3555 global startups, filed a UX patent (10866646), raised two sons to adulthood and millions of dollars. I moved to New York City for 5 years and successfully exited my last startup there. ​ Usually being the oldest in the room, other founders came to me for advice, accelerators asked me to do sessions, write articles and sit on sofas at fireside chats to share my observations. In 2019 I started to write down all these snippets of things I learned and collected and put them in a cohesive order. My focus is on awarness and reducing toxic masculinity. ​ I follow my own advice to do what I am good at, what makes me happy, what makes the world a better place and I live a life of abundance. ​ My work with you is based on honesty, empathy and curiosity. Together we train your resilience to be calm through failure and success. My sweet spot is Seed to product-market-fit. I take on a limited number of projects at one time to give you the attention you deserve. Let's have a chat and see if we are a match.

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