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Anushree Dixit

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Anushree Dixit

Start-Up Coach

Anushree Dixit is a dynamic start-up coach, celebrated for her multifaceted expertise in the realms of Training, Communication, and Media. As a visionary founder and director of both ADVRProductions and Winner Academy of Excellence (WAE), she has passionately cultivated these ventures into remarkable success stories.

With an unwavering commitment to her mission, Anushree embarked on a journey to bring Tier-2 Cities onto the global media map. At ADVRProductions, she has demonstrated her prowess as a trailblazing filmmaker and director. Her directorial debut, the acclaimed short film "EK Cup Chai," earned her the distinguished honor of Best Debut Director. Moreover, Anushree's innovative spirit thrived during challenging times as she introduced groundbreaking events like the "Anyone Can Act" 2-day Acting Workshop by Karan Razdan and the pioneering "Pinkwood Show" – an online talk show that engaged celebrities with their fans during lockdown. Through these endeavors, Anushree has exhibited her innate ability to infuse creativity and innovation into every project she undertakes.

Her influence extends even further through WAE, where Anushree serves as the Chief Executive Officer. With a focus on empowering professionals and individuals, WAE provides comprehensive training programs that encompass corporate etiquette, business communication, motivation skills, presentation skills, emotional intelligence, and more. Her dedication to fostering personal and professional growth has positively impacted more than 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as over 500 working professionals from esteemed brands.

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