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Aisa Mijeno-Labastilla

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Aisa Mijeno-Labastilla

Start-Up Coach

Aisa Mijeno is the Co-Founder & CEO of SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting). She developed a metal-air based technology with an application of an LED lamp and low-power mobile devices charger. Incubated by Ideaspace Philippines, SALt have won several awards including KOTRA Top 5 Best Global Startup at Startup Nations Summit 2014, People's Choice at Startup Nations Summit 2014 and recognized by the ASEAN Corporate Sustainability Summit and Awards 2015 giving them the SME Sustainability Commitment Category. She is currently a faculty member of Engineering at De La Salle University - Lipa providing lectures for Environmental Engineering and Embedded Systems. A recent member of Kairos Society ASEAN, an international nonprofit organization that seeks to develop entrepreneurs from universities around the world where she was categorized to mentor about renewable energy. She also has worked for Greenpeace as a Direct Dialogue Campaigner which encouraged her to travel across the Philippines and promote environmental campaigns. She loves hiking which brought her to the majestic mountains of Kalinga where it all began. The product concept was formed after living with the Butbut tribe for weeks relying only on kerosene lamps and moonlight to do evening chores. Her mission and advocacy is to address the light inequality gap and end the use of combustion based light sources (kerosene lamps and candles) for the 16 Million Filipinos and 1.4 Billion people across the world.

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