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Tushar Somaiya

Tushar Somaiya

Internal Coach

Tushar Somaiya is an Internal Coach with significant experience in various coaching roles. He has expertise in Agile coaching, Leadership coaching, and Transformation management. As an Internal Coach, he has worked with ExpressVPN and other organizations, helping leaders optimize team collaboration, product quality, and customer value.

Tushar's coaching philosophy is based on a human-first approach, where he empowers leaders and teams in their inner and outer transformations. He adopts a framework-agnostic approach, valuing agility beyond the traditional Agile practices. With over 22 years of IT experience and a decade of diverse coaching roles, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to support personal and professional development.

As an Internal Coach, Tushar has played a pivotal role in fostering positive change and empowering individuals within the organization. He has successfully implemented coaching programs, facilitated training sessions, and mentored agile teams to drive organizational growth and efficiency.

Tushar's certifications and accreditations, such as ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach), ORSC™ (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching), and Kanban Maturity Model, further showcase his commitment to continuous learning and professional excellence.

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