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Tarek Kassar

Tarek Kassar

Internal Coach

Tarek is an experienced business professional with 30 years
of direct sales, channel sales management, product management,
marketing, and training.

A professional hybrid combining science and management.
Tarek has a passion for applied business research in Learning &
Development, Organizational Learning, Organizational Leadership,
Organizational Development, and Performance.

Tarek has over 10 years of experience in leadership coaching,
executive coaching, team coaching, career coaching, mentoring,
and training.

Tarek's mission is to help successful individuals bring about
positive, long-term changes in their behavior; for themselves,
their people, and their teams to achieve even greater success.

Besides 1-on-1 consultations and group sessions, Moe regularly
hosts workshops, training, and seminars for managers who
are interested in developing their own coaching techniques.

Tarek's also offers online asynchronous professional and personal
development courses on his E-learning platform.

Tarek's driving purpose is to influence positive and sustainable
outcomes for people and organizations.

Tarek holds a Ph.D. in Business, an MBA, and an MA Ed.
(Coaching & Mentoring), and BS in Environmental Sciences.

In addition, to multiple professional certifications. He is an ICF
ACC Certified Coach, a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, and Team Coach. He is also a Certified Leadership Challenge Coach (Willey).

Tarek is also an Emotional Intelligence Coach; Certified to deliver Roche Martin's ECR, ECR360, and is an ECR-approved facilitator.

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