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Shabeel Ummer

Internal Coach

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Enterprising, diligent and energetic professional covering 20+ years of experience, with 14 years of Dubai expertise in all gamut of Law, Learning & Development & Management Consulting including HR, Administration & Governance covering Education, Community Service & Employment in UAE. Training areas constitutes Legal, Management Training, Soft Skills, Staff training, Service and Linguistic areas blending conventional class room style and modern visual aids. Managed and organized various educational and community service events.

Lawyer, Manager, Facilitator & Trainer with a diversified background over the past years transformed around 100 nationalities. Recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation and individual contributions, and providing effective, clear, and concise information in formats that promote high retention levels. Possess sound knowledge of Laws, specifically those governing employment & HR Policies/Procedures/Strategies being followed in the industry at large. Also experienced with Quality standards of KHDA and UAE School Inspection Framework 2015-2016 the new standardized metrics by which schools will be rated.

Strong inter-personal skills and the ability to deal effectively with a diverse group of individuals. Demonstrates good judgment with the ability to make timely and apt decisions, versatility, flexibility and a willingness to work within the constantly changing priorities with enthusiasm

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