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Kavitha Boobathy

Kavitha Boobathy

Internal Coach

Kavitha Boobathy, known as Kavitha The Coach, is a trailblazing high-performance coach with a dedicated mission to empower women entrepreneurs. With an unshakable commitment to helping individuals achieve their goals and unlock their potential, Kavitha has earned a reputation for her expertise in time management, goal-setting, and fostering a growth mindset.

As the founder of "Kavitha the Coach," Kavitha channels her years of experience and wisdom into guiding entrepreneurs and busy professionals towards realizing their dreams. Her coaching philosophy revolves around creating stress-free and guilt-free paths to success while infusing each journey with an element of fun.

Kavitha's coaching approach is grounded in practical techniques that lead to tangible results. She employs various tools, including bullet journaling, time and habit management, and her unique THRIVE technique, which encompasses Time, Habits, Resourcefulness, Innovation, Vision, and Energy. This approach provides a comprehensive framework for her clients to navigate the complexities of their personal and professional lives with efficiency and purpose.

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