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Justis Tan

Justis Tan

Internal Coach

Justis Tan is an accomplished dance teacher, mentor, and internal coach with a deep commitment to empowering individuals through the art of dance. With over two decades of experience in the dance industry, Justis has honed his expertise primarily in hip hop and street dance disciplines, while also exploring other genres like ballet and jazz.

In addition to being a performer, choreographer, and instructor, Justis has taken on the role of an internal coach, guiding and supporting dancers in their personal and professional growth. Through his coaching, he empowers individuals to break barriers, reach new heights in their dance careers, and develop a strong sense of self-confidence.

As the Co-Founder and Manager of Pen This Leap LLP, Justis has played a pivotal role in creating a thriving dance community where he offers coaching sessions, mentorship programs, and workshops. He takes a human-first approach in his coaching, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for dancers to flourish.

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