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Joyan Chan

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Joyan Chan

Internal Coach

Joyan Chan is an award-winning coach, International speaker, entrepreneur and host of Find Joy with Joyan podcast.

Joyan is passionate and committed to empowering female entrepreneurs to show up authentically, confidently and unapologetically in their business.

Her own transformational journey has inspired her to design a roadmap that helps new and aspiring female entrepreneurs go from overwhelmed newbie to confident authority in their niche.

You will be on a fast track to elevate your visibility, build your authentic and irresistible personal brand so you become confident whenever you go, stand out and set yourself up to become the authority in your field.

Attracting clients and getting public appearances come easily and effortlessly when you learn not only to speak with confidence, but also share your message with power and from your heart.

Joyan has been featured in numerous magazines, publications, shows and has spoken at many industry events. In early 2022, Joyan was named as a successful people in her home country, she said, “because I took the courage to take the path less taken.

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