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Fazly Johari

Fazly Johari

Internal Coach

Fazly Johari, an accomplished General Manager with a rich background in business strategy and development, stands as a beacon of expertise and leadership. With a comprehensive skill set encompassing client management, training and development, and a diverse range of roles, Fazly's journey as an internal coach reflects his dedication to fostering growth and excellence.

Having embarked on a career that started in civil service, Fazly brings 12 years of experience, marked by his transition to the corporate realm as a highly motivated Corporate Trainer. His training prowess extends across both small and large groups, cutting across diverse industries. Fazly's remarkable success is attributed to his adeptness in harnessing educational theories and methodologies to craft, develop, and execute impactful training programs. His ability to seamlessly integrate instructional technology for both onsite and virtual training has positioned him as a trailblazer in the field.

As a Certified Scrum Master and Curriculum Developer, Fazly's expertise is a testament to his dedication to professional growth. His capability to identify and address customer needs with a commitment to satisfaction underscores his client-centric approach.

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