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Arafath Cholassary

Arafath Cholassary

Internal Coach

Arafath Cholassery is an accomplished Business Coach and Sales, Marketing, and Business Development expert with over 12 years of experience in India, Oman, and Qatar. He is the driving force behind Arafaths Motivators, where he serves as a dedicated and skilled freelance Business Coach.

Arafath holds the prestigious Six Sigma Black Belt certification, which reflects his expertise in process improvement and efficiency. His adeptness in both Above-the-Line (ATL) and Below-the-Line (BTL) marketing strategies is complemented by his proficiency in the latest digital marketing techniques, as he is certified by industry giants like Google and Facebook. This unique blend of traditional and modern marketing knowledge equips him to design comprehensive marketing campaigns that yield substantial results.

One of Arafath's standout qualities is his exceptional team management skills. He possesses the ability to adapt seamlessly to different environments and lead teams effectively, ensuring the swift attainment of goals. His professional journey includes working across diverse industries such as IT, Automobile, and Construction. His foray into business coaching expanded his horizons, allowing him to guide and transform businesses in various sectors including hospitals, hotels, trading, and manufacturing.

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