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Zoe Hawkins, MCC

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Zoe Hawkins, MCC

Executive Coach

Zoe Hawkins, MCC is a trailblazing and highly accomplished Leadership Coach, Accredited Coach Trainer, and bestselling author. With her innate ability to inspire positive change and foster growth, Zoe has made an indelible mark on the coaching community, becoming a beacon of transformation and empowerment.

As the Bestselling Author of 'Deciding To Coach,' Zoe's influence reaches beyond the pages of her book. Her insights and expertise have been instrumental in guiding aspiring coaches and established leaders alike towards realizing their full potential. Zoe's podcast, "The Coaching Crowd," stands as a testament to her commitment to sharing valuable knowledge and driving impactful conversations within the coaching realm.

With a proven track record as an accredited coach trainer, Zoe is the driving force behind In Good Company (UK) Ltd, an organization dedicated to delivering world-class coaching training and qualifications. Under her leadership, In Good Company offers globally recognized and triple-accredited coaching programs, catering to individuals seeking coaching skills, courageous leadership, and personal growth. These transformative programs, backed by Zoe's unwavering dedication, have positioned In Good Company as a hub of coaching excellence.

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