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Yang Xi Ren

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Yang Xi Ren

Executive Coach

Xi Ren Yang is an accomplished Mental Resilience Speaker and adept Shared Leadership Coach with a profound commitment to equipping individuals and teams with the tools to navigate challenges and thrive in dynamic environments.

As the Founder of Xel Consulting Singapore, Xi Ren has spent over 8 years focusing on enhancing organizational performance through the lens of employee engagement. Her holistic approach encompasses addressing culture, environment, and people, with a special emphasis on fostering resilience through the Growth Mindset paradigm. Through Xel, she empowers leaders to become more effective in their roles, builds high-performing teams, and infuses organizations with a culture of positive growth.

With a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development from George Washington University and a Business Degree in Human Resource Consulting from Nanyang Technological University, Xi Ren blends a strong academic foundation with practical coaching expertise. Her commitment to excellence is further underscored by her certification as a Shared Leadership Team Coach from Leadership in Motion and an Associate Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation.

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