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Vivian C. Cruz

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Vivian C. Cruz

Executive Coach

Vivian Cruz, a distinguished Chief Organization & Capability Officer at FORMIDEA PH, stands as a beacon of leadership and empowerment in the corporate world. With over two decades of experience as an HR Practitioner and seven years in pivotal Business Leadership roles, Vivian's journey is marked by her unwavering commitment to fostering growth, both for individuals and organizations.

As a Certified Executive & Organization Coach, Vivian Cruz has harnessed her expertise to guide and uplift leaders in their professional journeys. Her executive coaching prowess is underscored by her profound insights and holistic approach to leadership development. With a strong foundation in HR practices and an exceptional record of managing diverse industries and cultures, she has emerged as a sought-after mentor for emerging and established leaders alike.

Vivian's exceptional career trajectory includes three years at the helm of a shared services business for a prominent cruise line company. Her role has not only showcased her ability to steer organizations toward success but has also demonstrated her prowess in shaping HR strategies, fostering employee engagement, and developing future leaders. Her visionary leadership has been acknowledged by LinkedIn, as she earned a well-deserved place in the 2023 Top 100 Most Influential Filipino Women.

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