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Timea Piroska

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Timea Piroska

Executive Coach

Timea Pirovszka, PCC, is a dedicated and accomplished professional in the field of coaching and education, with a passion for lifelong learning and personal growth. With a diverse background and a strong commitment to helping individuals and organizations thrive, Timea has left an indelible mark on the coaching landscape.

As the Owner of Z-Press Kiadó, a publishing company, Timea has fostered an environment of educational excellence. Her leadership has contributed to the delivery of high-quality educational services to individuals and businesses alike. She has expanded the company's offerings beyond traditional language courses to encompass teacher training, soft-skill development programs, and more. Under her guidance, Z-Press Kiadó has gained recognition as a Licensed Institute for quality, reflecting her dedication to educational excellence.

Since 2008, Timea has been the driving force behind Antener Oktatásszervező Kft., an adult education organization. As a Trainer and Coach, she has demonstrated a strong commitment to soft skills training, life and executive coaching. Her expertise extends to areas such as intercultural communication, ESL teaching, and train-the-trainer programs. Timea's role at Antener Kft. has allowed her to impact countless individuals and contribute to the professional development of many.

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