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Sripriyaa Venkataraman

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Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Executive Coach

I established the Coaching Practice for Tripura Multinational and Global Coaching Lab and currently serve as the Innovation and Operations Lead for them. I am also an ICF certified executive coach and have enjoyed the opportunity to coach leaders from different countries, cultures, and diverse backgrounds. My desire to elevate the impact and influence of coaching led me to establish a leadership development organization called Global Coaching Lab and work with an extensive network of executive coaches to address large organizational development and transformation initiatives in Asia Pacific and India.

I focus my coaching on two specific areas: Executive Coaching and Cross- Cultural Diversity Coaching.

With a strong belief that the “future belongs to the right”, I leverage my background in Indian classical dance and theatre to help my coachees / leaders tap into the power of Archetypes to develop Emotional, Cultural and Creative Intelligences.

My coachees and team members acknowledge me for the ability to 1. “Connect the Dots” across business insights, implications, and results and 2. Challenge status quo, thereby helping them to successfully achieve their goals.

As a professional, having spent the last two decades in multiple locations across Asia has helped me appreciate the power of harnessing diversity for personal and organizational growth.

I believe that for the world to achieve its sustainable development goals by 2030, it needs new narratives for leadership from artist leaders, cultural leaders, young leaders, and drivers of change in this new normal. This motivated me and my team to drive some innovative projects centered on Thought Leadership Conversations, Research Projects, and Innovative Collaborations.

Today, Along with my life and business partner Venkataraman (Venkat), I am passionate about positively influencing and transforming the lives of millions of people around the world, and this core principle forms the foundation for the vision and mission of both our companies, Tripura Multinational and Global Coaching Lab – “Touch and Transform a 100 Million Lives by 2025 and a Billion Lives by 2030”.

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