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Siri Khalsa

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Siri Khalsa

Executive Coach

Awarded for her ‘Outstanding International Contribution Coaching & Training from WHRD’, Siri is qualified NLP Trainer, ‘Certified Life Coach from ICF PCC (International Coach Federation)’ and also certified for ‘Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach’. Siri also has Honorary Doctorate in Intuitive Intelligence awarded by University of Netherlands.

She is creator of InnerMost Shift Coaching model and Interactions Excellence, a system of creating excellence with every single conversation.

Siri lives with a purpose “To Heal, Coach and uplift people to create total wellness”, with absolute belief in NLP that is based on very strong presuppositions, primary being ‘people have all the resources within they need all the time’.

With the realization and experience that each person is unique and that they make their best choices in a given situation, Siri approaches / continues to be curious about how people do things in their mind and make decision. This has helped her to understand people from their core and lead them to do the best in a given situation (rather than doing their best), and be outstanding.

With her 20 years of experience, Siri has coached, inspired thousands of people from different strata of life ranging from a common man on the street to CEOs of large Multi-National organizations. She has trained people on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Certification, in a way that they are able to apply all the techniques learned in their personal life and generate a continuous change in their life wherever they desire.

She is a Business & BestLife Purpose Coach to people from different strata of life, helping them realize their vision and come out with solutions for fulfilling their vision.

Siri connects with the participants in a very impressive and friendly manner and builds a rapport which brings out the best results and solution to them for their problems, and for this reason be it a young professional from an IT background, a person inspiring to become an actor or a successful CEO, Siri has been successful in training, coaching and leading them to their solutions and better

Known for her impeccable energy and deeply touching communication, Siri is a fantastic and a talented trainer and BestLife-Corporate Coach with proven credentials. She is gifted with a melodious tone of voice that penetrates installing superior belief system into deep unconscious.

Siri is a laborious task master, who does not give up anything until highest standards of excellence. She also volunteers her skills to NGO run by Samarpan Foundation, ISIC hospital and persuade CSR heads to donate for the most needed segment.

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