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Sandra Bobkin

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Sandra Bobkin

Executive Coach

Sandra Bobkin is President of Performance Edge Services, which provides executive, leadership, career, and team coaching and talent/performance development.

She has more than 15 years of private and public sector experience in a variety of learning, leadership, and management roles. This includes services in retail, financial, education, and healthcare sector. She is currently using her expertise in psychology, neuroscience, and leadership to assist, leaders, professionals, and organizations understand their behavioural impact as it applies to relationships and performance both at work and in life.

Sandra has developed and facilitated numerous programs/workshops. These include coaching, customer service, interpersonal skills, communication skills, team building, true colours, personality dimensions, career management, consulting adult development, and emotional intelligence. A diverse background in adult development/learning, emotional intelligence theory, and leadership development enables Sandra to assist individuals in developing options and creating solutions for sustaining success.

Sandra coaches’ executives, newly appointed leaders, and professionals who seek to expand their influence repertoire. This includes leaders pursuing new career opportunities. Her coaching has primarily focused on leadership and team development, effective communication, emotional intelligence, career transition, and 360 feedback results. Sandra’s clients report improved business results, increased employee engagement, and personal transformation.

She was honoured as a member of the Adler Corporate Services team, involved with Scotiabank, Commercial Banking, and the winner of the prestigious International Coaching Federation PRISM AWARD. This honor is awarded to organizations that achieve business excellence through coaching.

Sandra has been awarded the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation

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