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Rafiya Sultana

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Rafiya Sultana

Executive Coach

Perspective matters


Change is inevitable for growth. As we grow up on the career ladder in organizations or as entrepreneurs can be a lonely journey to sail through the major transitions ( career and life ). There is no fixed template to sail through these transitions as it differs for everyone based on their personality, values, and beliefs. When we are physically and mentally aligned with clarity, confidence & courage to work on the vision and purpose of life, we can contribute to the world with our gifts

I help organizations and individuals navigate through significant transitions, whether professional or personal, with measurable results for overall growth so that

1. They can tap onto their hidden potential

2. Help them get clarity by removing the emotional blockers by shifting paradigms.

3. Help them productive and fulfilling lifestyles aligned with their goals, maybe professional or personal

3. To help them to overcome imposter syndrome and workplace anxiety, manage stress, and prevent burnout

4. Be an effective leader with self-confidence to influence, and impact

5. Improve performance

I work with Educational institutions to help our future leaders build effective communication & leadership skills

I shared my message as a motivational keynote speaker on the global stages( 5 countries). I am the founder and director of Neuroexcel Pte Ltd, Singapore. I bring my experience working in Aviation, IT, and banking fields. I am grateful to demonstrate thought leadership as a published contributing author for personal development books and an author for my upcoming book “ Perspective matters

- A voyage from emotion to Excellence“

I am grateful for my learning journey as

1. Master Practitioner NLP, trained by Dr.Richard Bandler, London, the co-creator of NLP

2. Certified executive coach for leaders& teams by Marshall Goldsmith stakeholders-centered coaching.

3. Certified coach by ICF

4. Certified Yoga Instructor

I am grateful to be recognized as a “ Catalyst of change. “

and awarded,

# “ Asia’s most talented coaching Leader “ in 2019

# “ Women super Achiever award “ in 2020

# “ Asia’s most talented training and development leader “ in 2020

I embrace the humble beginnings of my life that built my character, being resourceful and grateful, So I value every opportunity to give back to society. I am actively contributing to initiatives supporting climate change ( healing ) also education for underprivileged women and children.

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