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Preeti Verma

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Preeti Verma

Executive Coach

I am passionate about helping leaders create connected and trusting workplaces for themselves and others by honouring “Coaching” as the ‘language of leadership' and the 'way of being’ so that they enjoy the process of “becoming” whom they aspire to “be”.

As a believer in the benefit of a coaching approach to leadership in all levels of organizations, I am engaged in working with a diverse group of mission-driven organizations to define the scope of leadership interventions by leveraging a holistic, science-based approach combining mentoring, coaching, training, and diagnostics to help them get the results they want.

As a Thought Partner, I am grateful to work for a globally recognized authority on coaching and the pioneer of the world-renowned program "The Art & Science of Coaching". We, at Erickson, believe that Erickson attracts people who share the same values and strive to embody them at all times.

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