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Paula Trigo

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Paula Trigo

Executive Coach

Paula Trigo is a passionate advocate of human development, holding expertise as an NLP Master Trainer, Coach Master Trainer, and Leadership enthusiast. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, she actively engages in discussions related to leadership, executive coaching, Structogram analysis, biostructural analysis, and neuro-linguistic programming (PNL).

As a professional at Xpand Pro - Coaching, Formação e Consultoria, Paula offers a range of services such as Executive Coaching, Career Development Coaching, Team Building, Public Speaking, Corporate Training, Negotiation, Change Management, Training, HR Consulting, and Educational Consulting. Her diverse skill set enables her to contribute effectively to the growth and development of individuals and organizations.

Paula is a fervent advocate of the Structogram Training System, evident from her workshop announcements and reposts. She believes in the power of self-awareness and social competence as key drivers in today's competitive landscape. Through Structogram, she aims to help individuals recognize their genetic strengths, risks, and limitations, allowing them to interact more authentically in their interpersonal relationships while optimizing energy efficiency.

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