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Paul Sanbar

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Paul Sanbar

Executive Coach

As a coach, coach supervisor, workshop/group/virtual facilitator, poet, and author, my career has been dedicated to the field of self-development and to affecting positive change through storytelling and conversations initially as a psychotherapist and now as a Professional Certified Coach [PCC] accredited by the International Coaching Federation and an EMCC Accredited Coach Supervisor [ESIA].

With my clinical understanding of group dynamics from over a decade of experience facilitating groups both in-person and online and an equal amount of time coaching individuals, I am to elicit powerful mindset shifts with my clients by supporting them to transform unproductive beliefs into resourceful ones. I do this by utilizing neuroscience concepts, the power of our imagination at play, and the convergence of this evidence that suggests sustainable development in people and organizations are the product of prospection, intention, attention, and then reflection.

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