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P Venkatesh

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P Venkatesh

Executive Coach


This is my 'work' metaphor. I act as a living bridge for people to consciously navigate inner transitions and outer changes. The "in between" stages in life, career and relationships are the ones that need a bridge.

A bridge to their future self. A bridge from "where they are" to "where they want to be". A bridge to discover and gradually adopt new mindsets, beliefs and values. A bridge between cultures and languages.


Narrating stories of change and impact throughout my journey as a Journalist, Radio Producer, Non-profit Consultant, Digital Marketer, and Corporate Communicator.


Playing at the intersection of Communications, Business, Public Policy and Leadership Development.


Building a global mindset, while living in India, Australia and Singapore, working in North and South India, and through learning Chinese and German.


Helping Communities to build capacity and facilitating value-driven Leaders to maximize their potential, in order to have a multiplier effect on society.


Understanding the Neuroscience of Emotions, and the Science behind Spirituality to express my creative instincts and develop empathetic connections with people.


Synergy creates momentum. Let's move from contact (I) to connection (We), and then to collaboration (Us).


ONE (One Nation Earth) is my compelling belief that -- 1) the World is one Community, and 2) the Future will be more Collaborative, more Inclusive and more Sustainable than ever before.

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