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Neha Nimje

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Neha Nimje

Executive Coach

I am Neha, Certified Personal & Professional Development Coach and Founder of BIZEX Management Consultancy Ltd. I bring a wealth of knowledge from my previous experiences into my coaching. I genuinely believe that my work fulfills my vision and purpose.

As a Transformational, Executive and Leadership Coach, I have been coaching professionals at senior and mid-levels across the globe in different sectors, along with entrepreneurs, start-up founders, and women returning to work. I help ambitious professionals to become the best version of themselves by empowering them to identify their missing elements for success. I support them to unlock their true potential and enable them to achieve what they want.

I can describe coaching in the word of Adam Grant- " It's easy to be a critic or a cheerleader. It's harder to be a coach. A critic sees your weaknesses and attacks your worst self. A cheerleader sees your strengths and celebrates your best self. A Coach sees your potential and helps you become a better version of yourself."

I believe that every Human being is potent and has all the resources within to achieve what one is seeking. We only need to know how to access it and bring it into our lives.

As your Personal & Professional Development Coach, we will work together to-

• Gain a sense of direction and strategize your career, business, or leadership goals.

• Identify your strengths, skills, passions, and purpose for higher confidence and career success.

• Realize your leadership potential to grow faster.

• Build your personal brand for greater career/business prospects

• Enhance your emotional intelligence and working relationships

• Overcome personal or professional blocks, which are hindering your success.

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