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Nathalie Ducrot, MCC

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Nathalie Ducrot, MCC

Executive Coach

Nathalie Ducrot is an accomplished Executive and Team Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Managing Director of ProOptim. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, she has amassed over 500 connections and stands as a prominent figure in the coaching and leadership development space. Notably, she is the President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Switzerland chapter, underscoring her dedication to fostering growth within the coaching community.

With a background in coaching, leadership development, and communication, Nathalie has built a strong reputation as a catalyst for positive change and personal transformation. She holds the prestigious Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential from the International Coach Federation and is recognized as an Accredited Master Coach Leadership and Communication. In addition, she is a Coach Supervisor and NLP Practitioner.

Nathalie's coaching philosophy centers on helping clients unlock their potential, enhance their self-awareness, and develop strong leadership attributes. She emphasizes effective communication and motivation as essential skills to foster collaboration, strengthen relationships, and achieve improved results. She believes in amplifying strengths to adapt leadership styles and make genuine impacts in peer relationships and work environments.

As the President of ICF Switzerland, Nathalie plays a pivotal role in shaping the coaching landscape. Her commitment to coaching excellence and human flourishing is evident in her active involvement with ICF

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