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Maria Militsopoulou

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Maria Militsopoulou

Executive Coach

Maria Militsopoulou is an innovative leader, Founder of Women Empowerment Worldwide Leadership, CEO/CVO for YouDream Consulting and serving as an Ambassadress for Women Leading the Future, supporting women in Tech Organization.

She is a certified coach in various fields and developed her own MY-DREAM™ coaching model.

She has worked for large organizations and founded her own company, TECH HUB and DREAMBRANDing Creative Productions, preparing future professionals and the training and development platform YouDream.

She is a member of various global workforce trendsetters and is passionate about helping people, especially women, achieve their goals. She is a frequent featured keynote speaker on positive leadership, growth mindset, innovation and women's empowerment. Her vision and mission is to promote human worth through mentoring and guidance.

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