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Kristen Coakley

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Kristen Coakley

Executive Coach

Kristen Coakley is an accredited executive coach with a passion for partnering with senior leaders and executive teams to drive transformative change. With a wealth of experience spanning over 18 years in HR and talent management, Kristen brings a unique perspective and deep understanding of leadership development and organizational dynamics.

With a global outlook and a strategic mindset, Kristen helps leaders navigate transitions and unlock their full potential. By fostering self-awareness, building stronger relationships, and enhancing strategic thinking, she enables her clients to boost their confidence and capabilities as leaders. Kristen's approach is highly collaborative, working closely with individuals and teams to create customized coaching programs that address specific challenges and goals.

Recognizing the complexity of today's business landscape, Kristen excels at guiding leaders through change management processes. Her expertise extends beyond theory, as she combines her HR background with a keen understanding of entrepreneurship and start-up enterprises. This unique combination enables her to provide practical and impactful guidance to leaders who are driving innovation and growth.

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