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Karen Cappello

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Karen Cappello

Executive Coach

Karen Cappello, MCC, is a renowned business strategist and Master Certified Coach (MCC) who specializes in providing world-class business development for business and executive coaches. Based in Tucson, Arizona, she is the CEO and Founder of Karen Cappello LLC, which offers coaching, training, corporate training, marketing consulting, and growth marketing services.

With over 20 years of experience, Karen Cappello has a strong background in both corporate and coaching fields. Before transitioning into coaching, she had a successful career as the president of a semiconductor manufacturing company, a university professor, and an investment advisor and estate planner. However, despite her success, she found herself working long hours and feeling unfulfilled.

After completing her coach training, Karen noticed that many talented coaches lacked the experience of running their own coaching businesses. This inspired her to help other coaches create thriving businesses that aligned with their values and goals. Over the years, Karen has developed a proven 4-C success system and innovative marketing and sales strategies to support coaches in building lucrative businesses that have a positive impact on their clients.

She is the creator of the Quick-Start Intensive Coaching Program, which provides coaches with the tools and strategies to grow their businesses with ease and joy. Through this program, Karen has empowered coaches around the world to accelerate their revenue and achieve the lifestyle they desire.

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