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Jass Malaney

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Jass Malaney

Executive Coach

I’m Jass Malaney,

The CEO of Elevated Leadership™, where I’ve delivered over 4000 hours of executive coaching to C Suite business Executives in organizations such as SMU, UNICEF, Loreal, Agilent Technologies, Barclays, Julius Bar & American Express.

I provide the following results for my clients:

#1. I help executives in finance go from being perceived as just technical experts to becoming business leaders using the Elevated Leadership™ model. (No more being overlooked!)

“I would recommend her to any senior leader that is open to self-discovery and ready to push themselves in their life journey.”

Aaron Chiew

MD, Mobile & Digital

UOB Bank

#2. When companies feel their senior executives are falling short on their targets & managing teams, they work with me to get them back on track.

Here is a confidential testimonial from a director level executive at one of the biggest analytical instrumentation companies in the world,

“Since working with you, we finally feel confident of our executive leadership in Asia, they’re meeting financial targets despite COVID throwing everything upside - down, before this it was such a struggle to get them to deliver”

#3. Customized Assessments for Senior Executives

I craft a customized assessment where we simulate multiple business scenarios, we actually did one where a pandemic hit before COVID even happened.

This is for when companies want to challenge and expand their high-performing executives into becoming global leaders.

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