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Gladys Ng'weno

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Gladys Ng'weno

Executive Coach

Inspirational leader passionate about influencing teams by nurturing a sense of fulfilment in them. Motivates teams to appreciate their diversity and focus towards realizing customer outcomes. Cultivates an element of fun which rejuvenates synergies between leaders and teams to co-create business value. Natural cheerleader who has steered 100+ teams towards making lasting impact in their work and daily lives.

Immense experience in agile leadership distinguishing her as a catalyst for change in product development, environmental sustainability and education among other fields. Empowers teams, leaders and communities to leverage policy windows through meaningful purposeful conversations to drive change. A worthy reputation built on passion for teaching, mentoring and coaching people to be the change in making the world a better place.

Agile Coaching Lead and transformation change agent for scaled enterprise-wide agile transformation through advocating for culture and mindset change towards agile way of working.

Experience in coaching teams to find the balance between making the minimal amount of decisions to get started while allowing flexibility to make changes. This has enabled teams to make long lasting decisions and realize business outcomes.

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