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Ebenezer Joseph

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Ebenezer Joseph

Executive Coach

Ebenezer Joseph is a remarkable figure known for his multifaceted expertise as a Supervisor at the Indian Audit and Accounts Department (CAG India), a certified FIDE Trainer, and a prominent Chess Coach. With an extensive and illustrious career spanning various domains, Ebenezer has made an indelible impact on cognitive development, behavioral therapy, and chess coaching.

With over three decades of service at the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Ebenezer has demonstrated his leadership acumen and analytical prowess as an Audit Supervisor. His skills encompass a wide range of areas, from auditing and online training to mentoring and cognition. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Ebenezer's passion lies in the realm of chess and cognitive development.

Ebenezer's journey in the world of chess is nothing short of remarkable. As a Candidate Master recognized by the FIDE (World Chess Federation) and a FIDE Trainer, he has not only honed his skills but also contributed significantly to the chess community. He stands as the First Indian to be certified as a Chess Trainer by the World Chess Federation, reflecting his dedication and expertise in the game. His association with the FIDE Trainer Academy in Berlin, Germany, further highlights his commitment to advancing chess coaching globally.

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