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Dr. Mehernosh J Randeria

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Dr. Mehernosh J Randeria

Executive Coach

Dr. Mehernosh J Randeria is an illustrious NLP Master Trainer and accomplished Coach, renowned for his pioneering work in the realms of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and personal development. His accolades include a D.Litt. (Hons) in NLP, setting him apart as a recognized authority in his field. As the Founder of W3 Success Academy, he has established himself as India's Only Wealth Wisdom Wellness Coach, embodying a holistic approach to success that encompasses financial prosperity, wisdom, and overall well-being.

With an unwavering commitment to his mission, Dr. Mehernosh J Randeria empowers individuals to transform their lives by channeling their innate potential through powerful NLP techniques. His coaching and training methodologies revolve around the Learn-Do-Teach approach, which underscores his deep passion for continuous learning and sharing knowledge.

The essence of Dr. Randeria's coaching philosophy is encapsulated in his unique W3 coaching and training sessions. He firmly believes that true success extends beyond financial gains, encompassing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. His diverse journey, starting as a Chartered Accountant and evolving into an ICF Accredited Coach, NLP Trainer, GTD Coach, and Brainival Trainer, showcases his multifaceted expertise.

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