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Dr. Gajender Sharma

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Dr. Gajender Sharma

Executive Coach

Dr. Gajendra Sharma, an esteemed executive coach and a driving force in the world of coaching and personal development. With 28 years of work experience and 19 years dedicated to coaching, Gajendra has honed his expertise as an ICF (US) Accredited Success, NLP Coach Practitioner, and Anxiety Coach. Coaching is not just a profession for him; it's his passion and calling.

As an experienced executive coach, Gajendra is on a mission to help CEOs, CMOs, CHROs, and CFOs find freedom from anxiety and achieve remarkable results. Through his transformative coaching, leaders experience a remarkable 23 percent increase in profits, unlocking their true potential and achieving their goals.

Gajendra's diverse skill set encompasses various coaching specialties, including anxiety coaching, NLP coaching, spirituality coaching, mindfulness coaching, and law of attraction coaching. His coaching approach empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, cultivate mindfulness, and attract positivity into their lives.

As a professor at NDIM and a seasoned professional, Gajendra Sharma has touched the lives of many, guiding them to discover their happiness and life purpose.

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