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Dan Remon

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Dan Remon

Executive Coach

We are what we do.

20 Years of Entrepreneurship, 25 Years of Coaching, evolving and learning from the world’s leading experts in neuroscience of leadership, executive coaching and performance.

A peak performance coach & business success strategist, he works with executives, leaders, founders and their teams to implement high performance systems leading to personal and organisational growth.

His approach to personal and corporate development is based on thousands of hours of coaching, extensive lessons learned and as the founder of multiple performance driven companies, he understands the dynamics of personal development, achievement, and corporate responsibility.

Daniel holds a degree in Human Science (B. HMSc) Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology and Psychology from Australia (1996) and in Corporate Health and Workplace Wellness from the University of Southern Indiana.

He has also successfully achieved more than twenty certifications and qualifications including, mindset coaching, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Strategy Coaching in his 25 year career.

As the creator of the Evolve Mastermind and Flow Self-Leadership Model, Daniel has developed unique yet powerfully effective frameworks and systems to empower, lead and expand human potential and organisational development. These models integrate the science of Genetic Leadership, energy management and exponential growth.

“To create change across any life domain, we must make change simple, rewarding and addictive. The mastery of the mind and the lens we see progress determines the outcome for both personal excellence and global impact. “

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